Baltimore Feldenkrais Center


Here is what people say about the benefits of working with Aliza Stewart at The Baltimore Feldenkrais Center:

“The Feldenkrais method has provided me with the critical insights and experiences to free my body from constant aches and pains.  With the fusion of 4 vertebrae 25 years ago, I was forced to tolerate back, hip, and neck discomfort and curtail some of my favorite exercises and parenting activities.  Aliza and Feldenkrais led me to take pleasure in the most mundane aspects of life that previously caused me pain.”
– Gail Fishman, Museum manager

“Aliza’s intelligence and commitment make her a real master of the Feldenkrais method. As a classical musician, I suffered chronic pain for several years and Aliza helped eradicate it within months. Aliza Stewart and the Feldenkrais method changed my life.”
– Heather Storeng, violist

"I've tried many healing modalities besides allopathic medicine, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, tai chi and yoga, but none have been as transformative as the Feldenkrais Method.  Among Feldenkrais practitioners, Aliza Stewart is recognized as a master and it is no wonder. Her classes and private sessions are not only highly effective at reducing and eliminating pain, but they also foster an overall sense of vitality, power and expanded possibilities."
-  Hannah VoDinh

“Aliza Stewart has taught me a new way of thinking about movement as a therapeutic tool. She has given me ideas and techniques to help my patients self-correct. Her teaching style is open and natural, and allows me to learn how to be responsible for myself.” – Cindy Tipping, physical therapist
“There are many good teachers in this world, but few masters. Aliza Stewart is one of them. Pain was my initial motivator and I've experienced amazing relief, but the joy of discovery and learning with Aliza as guide is the real gift.”

- Diana Jacquot

“I cannot count how many times I have been told that there is nothing I can do about my scoliosis and that surgery is my only option. Through my experience of the feldenkrais method I have gained an awareness of my body and self-knowledge I never knew was possible. Aliza is a master teacher who embodies the Feldenkrais method in both thought and action. She has given me the profound gift of becoming the agent of my own healing. For scoliosis in particular, the Feldenkrais method is absolutely beneficial, embracing the unique organization of each person, rather than insisting that we fit some absolute mold of symmetry.”
– Abby Becker

“Since working with Aliza, I am re-discovering movement. As a career dancer and teacher, I am no longer feeling daily discomfort from the over-use of muscle groups, and I am more efficient with teaching movement. I am profoundly affected by the expert guidance of Aliza Stewart.”
– Liese Weber Hammontree, Dancer

“I heartily recommend becoming a client of Aliza Stewart.  I've experienced reduction of my chronic pain and achieved greater functionality after many years of back pain.  
Mrs. Stewart is a very talented and experienced Feldenkrais therapist.  I look forward to my sessions with her, because I trust that she will skillfully help me learn new patterns of movement that are ultimately very beneficial to me.  She has helped me tremendously in the 3 months I've worked with her.”
- Howard Cohen,  Actuary

Aliza Stewart has worked with me for the better part of ten years.  She is an absolutely superb Fieldenkrais practitioner.  I take regular classes with her & use those movements extensively when exercising at home.  
Whenever I "get my body into trouble", I go for private instruction and Aliza quickly restores my body to its former self.  I don't know what I would do without her!”

– Ann Zaiman, artist

“Now that I have experienced the power of Aliza's Feldenkrais work in my own orchestral conducting and seen the startling changes she is able to effect in my conducting students at the University of Maryland, I am convinced that Feldenkrais is an indispensable part of every conductor's education.  Of course, Aliza brings a special understanding and gift to her work since she knows music as an art form.  She sees the intrinsic emotional/psychological connections between our human bodies, how we move, and how music takes shape and form in notes.” 
- James Ross, The conductor of the University of Maryland Orchestra, National Orchestral Institute and assistant conductor and teacher at the Juilliard conducting department

“Feldenkrais has given me tools to not only have an understanding of my movements and body, but a philosophy which deals with an approach to life. I recovered from an injury entirely with the Feldenkrais method and found it to be useful in all aspects of life. In relation to my viola playing, I believe that it has opened up my sound and has influenced the level of creativity. It helps to deal with great pressure that comes with performing which prevents injury. I am very thankful to Aliza for her help and inspiration.”
 -  Maiya Papach – St. Paul chamber orchestra

“You have no idea how much your help and involvement have done for me, my playing, and my outlook on being a musician in general. I do not exaggerate when I say that I am, in so many ways, a changed person. My whole approach to music making  has been transformed. I play with much more freedom, I hear myself much  better, I can accomplish more in less time - all these things have been  made available through your few words of wisdom.”
- Ilya Poletaev, pianist

 “I really want to thank you for the weekend workshop. I don’t think I have ever experienced a more interesting and enjoyable few hours. I feel great and my head is a jumble of ideas. For me personally, this was the first whole day of Feldenkrais I have ever experienced where my attention was at the max all the way, from start to finish”
– Liz Moscetti-Tobias, pianist, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Taubmann Method teacher.