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The Feldenkrais Method has great results in reducing the pain and impairment associated with scoliosis and prevent a quick progression. Through gentle, targeted movements, your spine becomes straighter and more flexible, and you learn new ways to move more symmetrically. The increased mobility reduces the constant and habitual pressure on particular painful spots and allows you to feel freer and have less or no pain. In children, who are still quite flexible in spite of this condition, the Feldenkrais Method can slow down or reverse the progression to a manageable degree until they finish growing.

There are two approaches to the problems of Scoliosis. The first is to try and fix the spine in a better alignment through a brace or a surgical procedure, where a rod is introduced to hold it together. This eliminates any movement in the area of the spine that is held together, but in some cases this procedure is an absolute necessity.

The other way, which the Feldenkrais method practices and uses with people who would like to try a non surgical approach and have their doctor's permission to do so, is to change the fixed patterns in the brain that govern the spine and introduce new patterns of mobility, flexibility and symmetry.

Aliza Stewart, who has moderate Scoliosis herself, has used and adapted many Feldenkrais lessons in her work with clients to keep their spine flexible, mobile and able to perform tasks equally well on both sides. Even people who had surgical intervention are happy to discover mobility in places they were not aware of.

Aliza offers both private sessions and classes. The private sessions are adapted to the needs of individual clients and therefore can be more direct. They are especially efficient with children and can be used in conjunction with a brace. The classes deal with shared issues and Aliza records them so you can practice at home, which will enhances the results. The classes are also an opportunity for people to discuss and share their issues related to this condition.

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"I cannot count how many times I have been told that there is nothing I can do about my scoliosis and that surgery is my only option. Through my experience with the Feldenkrais Method, I have gained an awareness of my body and a self knowledge I never knew was possible. Through my study with Aliza, I have been guided to develop a map of my body, which has catalyzed incredible self healing. Aliza is a master teacher who embodies the Feldenkrais method in both thought and action. She has given me the profound gift of becoming the agent of my own healing. For scoliosis in particular, the Feldenkrais Method is absolutely beneficial, embracing and affirming the intricacies and unique organization of every person, rather than insisting that we fit some absolute mold of symmetry."
Abby Becker