Baltimore Feldenkrais Center


Mobility for baby boomers

Do you want to reverse the signs of aging of your mind and body and regain youthful mobility? Do you want to keep your independence, which is so tied to mobility, way into old age?

Dr. Frank Wildman, a Feldenkrais Trainer, designed a series of movement lessons to help you do just that. His program is called Change Your Age® and Aliza Stewart is certified to teach it.

Our Habits of moving at age 40 and 50 will affect how mobile we are at 70 and beyond. Changing those habits back to more youthful ones will strengthen both body and mind. Science is showing that healthy movement in middle age and up, affects the age of our brain and retain its youthfulness. In turn, we will be able to use our enhanced intelligence to retain youthful mobility and flexibility.

One of the most important issues in old age is the slow loss of mobility. It curtails independence and with it, the joy of living. The more we improve our movement habit in middle age, between 40 and 70, the better chance we have to keep our independence longer. Added to this benefit, you can feel 10 or 15 years younger now, lighter on your feet and able to do activities you gave up on.

The Change Your Age® program, taught at The Baltimore Feldenkrais Center, uses the learning principles of the Feldenkrais method®. You regain the sense of curiosity, exploration and creativity you had as a young person. You change your age!

The class is appropriate for older, healthy adults between 40 and 70 years old. It is designed for healthy adults, not for rehabilitation purposes.

The series consists of 10 weekly classes. Please visit the contact page to find out how to register.