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Baltimore Feldenkrais Center

From Imagination to Fast Action: Keeping your neuromuscular connections intact in an uncertain world
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“Aliza Stewart is a Feldenkrais master – uncommonly gifted with intuition and touch.
Every session brings new, life-changing insights and improvements.”  
— Stephanie Cooper, Lawyer

The Baltimore Feldenkrais® Center offers classes and individual sessions with the goal of improving performance and quality of life for people with a wide range of needs. Dr. Feldenkrais said - “Life is movement. Improve your movement and you will improve your life”
Aliza Stewart, the director of the Baltimore Feldenkrais Center, has designed classes and workshops especially to address these varied, movement related needs (link here to specialties page). She has also developed her own adaptation of the Method called Embodied Music® , to address the unique needs of musicians.
Her private sessions have helped hundreds of people live a painless, more vital and satisfying lives.