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Embodied MusicĀ® at the Baltimore Feldenkrais Center

Aliza Stewart is a consummate teacher with a deep and profound understanding of the Feldenkrais Method. A musician herself, she has an uncommon understanding of the concerns and needs of musicians on all levels - physical, psychological, musical and spiritual. Many important aspects of playing, practicing and thinking about music have been illuminated through my work with Aliza. She is truly extraordinary."
- Maria Lambros, violist. Faculty, Peabody Conservatory, La Fenice

Aliza Stewart is an internationally respected Feldenkrais Trainer who specializes in using the Feldenkrais Method to assist musicians in meeting their personal and musical goals.

Embodied Music- Do you feel satisfied with your playing?
- Do you feel free to realize fully your musical intentions?
- Is your practicing efficient?
- Do you suffer from playing-related injuries?
- Do you find playing your instrument physically uncomfortable?
- Do you suffer from injuries common to musicians -- Tendonitis, shoulder pain, back pain , thoracic outlet syndrome, dystonia?
- Would you like to discover a new, fascinating way to improve your playing?

Aliza has designed Feldenkrais classes and Feldenkrais workshops especially for musicians. She also offers private sessions tailored to the specific needs of the individual player. Her students benefit both from her extensive experience as a musician and from powerful skills developed through her many years of practicing the Feldenkrais Method and teaching in professional Feldenkrais Training programs.

Aliza and the Feldenkrais Method not only help resolve musician's pain and injury, but can also help you discover the ease of being creative and expressing your unique response to the music. Aliza calls this process "Embodied Music" and through it practices Feldenkrais for Musicians.

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