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Aliza StewartTo make an appointment for private lessons (Functional Integration®) or to contact Aliza, please
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   call 443-286-7214

"From Imagination to Fast Action "
Keeping your neuromuscular connections intact in an uncertain world - a series of 8 virtual ATM classes

      In this time, when our familiar routines, on which we rely to organize our life, had to change profoundly, the Feldenkrais ® lessons bring us back to the unchanged reality of our individual connections between brain function and movement. In the one hour movement lesson, we allow our brain to do what it does best – learning to solve problems, learning to adapt to new demands, improve our response to the old ones, and doing it without the stress of having to achieve. The activity of doing the lesson, in itself, brings a natural kind of equilibrium to our nervous system and reduces the unnecessary anxiety related to the situation we are in.

Dates: 8 Mondays - June 29, to August 24, skipping August 10.

                                                             Times: 10:00 AM for people with previous experience with the Feldenkrais method; 11:15 AM for beginners

                                                        Cost: $165 (Those who recently lost a job or their gigs and find it hard to pay, please contact me through email. I am not turning anyone away)

                                        To register: please use my email address to pay through PayPal , or send me a check made out to me, before June 27.



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