Baltimore Feldenkrais Center


Aches and Pains

The Feldenkrais method taught at the Baltimore Feldenkrais Center is especially effective with issues of aches and pains. Each person seeking relief from pain has a unique set of problems and potentials. Two examples of people who can benefit from the techniques and exercises offered by the Baltimore Feldenkrais Center are:

People with chronic pain

Chronic pain ranges from the merely annoying to severe and debilitating. Many of these people find relief with the The Feldenkrais Method after trying medical approaches, physical therapy, and other alternative techniques. These treatments give them some relief but often the pain returns. Relying on pain medicine has problems of its own and at best only offers symptomatic relief without addressing the underlying causes. They come to the realization that if they are going to have a satisfying life, they need to learn to do things differently, to find their own, idiosyncratic way of thinking and moving that is congruent with their unique structures – physical, mental and emotional. They need to use the plasticity of their brain to change patterns and move into a higher level of knowledge and awareness. In other words, they really, day after day, have to take charge of their own health. They need to find a way to restore their vitality, to love their life again!
The Feldenkrais Method provides practical tools to help them do just that, either in private sessions or in a class situation, where the students feel and become aware of how they create the difficulties in performing everyday movements. The lessons learned in class can be repeated at home as a daily regimen or when needed.

People who have recovered from pain

These people want to continue their self improvement and growth, both in order to prevent aches and pains in the future and to increase their vitality and pleasure in the present.
The act of using the plasticity of the brain to enrich its connections, is by itself pleasurable. This is mostly what we do in the first years of life – we experience the environment through our senses. Our brain takes the information gained from sensory experiences and integrates it into new patterns. Then it sends the new signals to the muscles to create a better organization of action. This starts another cycle of feedback and recalibration. That is learning!
When this process of learning can be evoked again the discoveries of new abilities or the re-learning of lost abilities can be exhilarating and empowering. I have seen this again and again in children and people with stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. I have seen this with performers who suddenly find a freedom to do exactly what they imagined with ease and I have seen this with people who had their vitality restored after being sapped by aches and pains.

The Baltimore Feldenkrais Center offers discounts to people who wish to have a number of private sessions accompanied by a series of group classes. Please visit the contact page to find out more.